Eating in New Paltz

Posted by: paulraphael

Eating in New Paltz - 04/22/13 09:35 PM

What's going on?

I've been away for a couple of years, and now it seems the restaurants are as the same as ever, but now cost twice as much as similar food in Manhattan.

I'm not pointing the finger at individual restaurants; it seems universal. I assume there's some underlying economic something or other.

Speculation aside, where do you like to eat pre- or post- climb when you're feeling fiscally challenged?
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Re: Eating in New Paltz - 04/24/13 04:05 PM

Well, I live in NPZ, so I can go home for lunch after climbing. But I do eat out in many places in town, and can see why you feel this way. Prices have risen steadily in the town's establishments, although quality seems to be the same.

If you are fiscally challenged, then getting something to-go and eating on a bench has got to be the cheapest. Mexicali Blue has superb burritos, and as long as the line isn't too long, it's fairly fast for cooked to order items. Cajun Pork is a good value at $8.00. Six years ago, it was about $6.00, but that's not an unexpected price increase.

The Gilded Otter has great beer, but the menu, with the exception of them adding chicken tenders as an option to their salads, has not changed hardly at all since they opened. Same pizzas, same everything. For large parties, some sides like french fries can be cold when all nine plates come out.

Yanni's has fine Greek items, the Souvlaki platter is not expensive. Good soups when its cold.

Jack's Meat Market makes fantastic sandwiches, but it gets crowded, and it can take 10-15 minutes to get through there.

Further up Main Street is Main Course, which doesn't have a permit for food served, so you order at the counter and pick up. Good platters, a bit more expensive, and a relaxed environment.

There are lots of places for pizza. Rocco's at the Stop N Shop plaza has great buffalo chicken slices, Rino's across the street at Cherry Hill has good slices, La Bella near the Middle School has great everything. The rest seem somewhat college-towney average.

Shea O'Briens, at the site of the former Rascals, is Irish in theme, and gets pricey fast.

There are certainly lots of other places, but here are a few ideas. I may not notice the incremental price increases as you do coming back after some time, but you can still eat well for not a ton of money in New Paltz.
Posted by: crimpy

Re: Eating in New Paltz - 04/25/13 01:07 PM

karma road still offers the "affordabowl" about five bucks.
we also go to stop and shop sometimes and get fruit and cliff bars etc.
Posted by: RangerRob

Re: Eating in New Paltz - 04/25/13 06:13 PM

Burger King
Posted by: crimpy

Re: Eating in New Paltz - 04/25/13 11:51 PM

that new soda machine is awesome!
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Re: Eating in New Paltz - 04/26/13 05:57 PM

here I have to weigh in with my old favorite NP institution: Barnaby's. the major attractant here used to be chicken wings - the best in town, in fact the best anywhere! now I only seldom eat them anymore but there we are in town my wife and I on a dinner date and I suggest Barnaby's (me thinking wings!) and she goes along with it so we walk over there and get a seat. we order and my wife found something she liked but next thing the waitress says "We Don't Have Chicken Wings!" major blow for me. so... don't go there for the chicken wings folks!! all that said, we did get decent food for a decent price, we were both quite satisfied. but Barnaby's, if you are reading this, PLEASE bring back those awesome wings you once had. what restaurant is complete without them?
Posted by: crimpy

Re: Eating in New Paltz - 04/29/13 06:43 PM

if your at waterworks head to the last bite!
Posted by: SethG

Re: Eating in New Paltz - 04/29/13 08:33 PM

What is the deal at Waterworks these days? Do you still need an appointment?
Posted by: Timbo

Re: Eating in New Paltz - 05/01/13 02:20 AM

I'll second Barnaby's. Went to a wedding rehearsal dinner there last August and had a really excellent piece of fish ay a very reasonable price.

Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: Eating in New Paltz - 05/01/13 08:11 PM

The best place to eat in New Paltz isn't in New Paltz. It's the Red Brick Tavern in Rosendale. Less than 10 minutes away and plenty of seating on the weekends (when every eaterie in NP has a long wait).