Local tailor/repair

Posted by: tradjunkie

Local tailor/repair - 09/12/13 02:48 PM

I have some simple gear repairs which might require a sewing machine and professional sewing skills. (patching a gaiter, sewing a pack strap's padding cover back together, etc.) The repairs might require hand sewing, if Cordura doesn't go in a sewing machine.

I would like to get it done locally as these repairs are not the type which are complicated (or valuable) enough to ship my stuff off to Rainy Pass or some other faraway gear repair specialist. Likewise, these repairs go beyond using duct tape or seam grip, so that's not an option.

Anyone have any recommendations on tailors or cobblers who might have some experience with this? The only tailor I know nearby is one in New Paltz who hems ballgowns, which may or may not be relevant...
Posted by: Rickster

Re: Local tailor/repair - 09/12/13 07:33 PM

TJ, McNett has some adhesive tape products that I have found to be useful for making easy repairs on various fabrics including neoprene. I found that they work better on finer fabrics like ripstop and taffeta, not so sure about heavier cordura. With these tapes, I've gotten successful long term repairs on wetsuits, goretex rain gear, ski pants, gloves and tent fabrics.

Our local dry cleaner (Pine Bush) has also done machine alterations and repairs. Most commercial and even home sewing machines can be adjusted to handle heavier fabrics, maybe just inquire at your local cleaners.

And for the heavier stuff, I visited a local sail loft for some successful heavy stitching.

Good luck.
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Re: Local tailor/repair - 09/12/13 10:01 PM

I suspect that such stuff of which you seek repair is, like so many other products nowadays, cheaper to replace than to repair
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Re: Local tailor/repair - 09/13/13 11:37 AM

not too local but campmor has repair service.
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Re: Local tailor/repair - 09/23/13 03:18 PM

Tradjunkie, did you find someone to fix your gear?
Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: Local tailor/repair - 09/23/13 11:58 PM

Did you get my PM?
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Re: Local tailor/repair - 09/27/13 01:46 PM

I've been a little swamped with other things recently....haven't been able to get around to this issue. I might try K-tape for a few things - thanks Rickster - though some of the heavier fabrics will likely need a Rawdonesque solution. Sometime this fall maybe I'll get it all sorted out.