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Mohonk Preserve neighbors news - 04/13/14 04:10 PM
Gardiner man charged after 8-hour standoff with police
GARDINER, ULSTER COUNTY — An Ulster County man is in jail after he allegedly fired several rounds from a rifle at nearby residents, then barricaded himself in his home during an eight-hour standoff with police, authorities said.

Police charged Michael Yukowiec, 59, of Gardiner, with first-degree reckless endangerment, a felony, second-degree menacing, prohibited use of a weapon, and criminal nuisance, all misdemeanors, and discharging a weapon within 500 feet of a dwelling, a violation of the state's environmental conservation law. Additional charges are pending, said Undersheriff Frank P. Faluotico, Jr.

"We're going to take a serious look at this guy and see if he violated any of the federal laws, and we will be working with them to see that this incident doesn't repeat itself," Faluotico said.

Sheriff's deputies and the state police responded to a report of shots fired near Route 44/55 in Gardiner Friday around 9 p.m. When police arrived, they learned Yukowiec allegedly intentionally fired several rounds from his front porch near three people on the neighboring property. When police tried to contact Yukowiec, he walked into his home and refused to come to the door, he said.

Police established a perimeter on the property. Sheriff's detectives, state police investigators, crisis negotiators from the sheriff's office and state police, the Ulster County Emergency Response Team and the state police Special Operations Response Team all responded.

After police attempts to contact Yukowiec on the phone were unsuccessful, an armored vehicle was deployed to the front of the home. Police deployed several diversionary devices, and a robotic surveillance device entered the home. The robot found him inside the home. After several attempts to contact Yukowiec, he complied with police orders and left the home. Police arrested him at 5:05 a.m. today, he said.

Police executed a search warrant on the home and found a rifle and shotgun. Yukowiec was arraigned in the Town of Gardiner Court and sent to Ulster County Jail on bail of $50,000 or $100,000 bond. He is due to return to court Thursday at 5 p.m., officials said.

"It was a successful close because of the cooperation of all the law enforcement agencies involved," said Faluotico

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Gardiner man arrested after standoff with police
By Freeman staff
Posted: 04/12/14, 2:04 PM EDT

GARDINER >> A Gardiner man was arrested Saturday morning after police allege he shot at people on a neighboring property and had a standoff with police in his home.

Michael Yukowiec, 59, of 3120 Route 44/55, Gardiner, was charged around 5 a.m. on Saturday after it was determined that he intentionally fired several rounds from a rifle on his front porch at three people who were on a neighbor's property, according to the Ulster County Sheriff's Office.

Police said they attempted to make contact with Yukowiec, but he refused to answer his door.

Detectives and crisis negotiators from the Sheriff's Office, along with state police BCI members, attempted to contact Yukowiec, but were unsuccessful.

Police said they deployed an armored vehicle in front of the home and used a robotic surveillance device to locate Yukowiec before he finally surrendered and was taken into custody.

Police recovered a rifle and a shotgun from inside of Yukowiec's home.

Yukowiec was charged with reckless endangerment, menacing, prohibited use of a weapon, criminal nuisance and discharging a weapon within 500 fee of a dwelling, all misdemeanors.

He was arraigned in Gardiner Town Court and sent to the Ulster County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Police said additional charges against Yukowiec are possible.

While the standoff was happening, police closed state Route 299 near Yankee Folly Road and Route 44/55 east of the hairpin turn and west of Guilford Schoolhouse Road for about an hour beginning at 4 a.m.
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Re: Mohonk Preserve neighbors news - 04/14/14 03:37 PM

A loooong time ago, I lived in this house (he lived in the basement) and he's honestly the most unstable person I had ever met... logically, we didn't stay there long.

Thankfully, nobody got hurt!
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Re: Mohonk Preserve neighbors news - 04/14/14 11:13 PM

I heard some talk of what was obviously this incident while I was having my van worked on today. (Just knew "something had happened" that involved police and the area of 44/55 between Guilford Schoolhouse and the Hairpin.) Wow - I am so glad nobody was hurt, including the perpetrator, but especially the people fired upon and the police who responded. Robots may have made the difference in the outcome. A good use of technology.
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Re: Mohonk Preserve neighbors news - 04/15/14 01:17 AM

Same person who went into the Visitor Center a few years ago and started threatening to shoot the director. He was arrested for menacing I believe. Crazy Mike could often be seen riding his moped between the deli and New Paltz.
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Re: Mohonk Preserve neighbors news - 04/16/14 08:17 PM

Very glad no one was hurt.
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Re: Mohonk Preserve neighbors news - 04/30/14 02:26 PM

Saw Michael pretty regularly at the Minnewaska Distance Swimmers beach. Always there on that scooter. Always so kind and gentle, but I knew about his anger toward the Preserve. It's a shame the rhetoric around the property issues became so heated over the past few years. I think that really played into Mike's instability.

There's got to be a better solution (mental health-wise), than waiting until someone like this goes off the deep end, and they go to fetch him with a robot.

Maybe moving forward, people with think of Mike before they advocate extreme measures. You really don't know who's listening.
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Re: Mohonk Preserve neighbors news - 04/30/14 05:17 PM

"a robotic surveillance device entered the home"

This before a warrant was obtained. It seems to be an illicit search, yielding inadmissible evidence if any.
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Re: Mohonk Preserve neighbors news - 05/01/14 04:32 PM

Brandishing a weapon, firing shots, threatening behavior, probable cause was certainly in evidence. No warrant necessary. Even so, no judge would have denied one if requested under these circumstances. The article doesn't mention one, doesn't mean there wasn't one. Sad story, and glad no one hurt......this time.
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Re: Mohonk Preserve neighbors news - 05/01/14 07:59 PM

From the original post:

Police executed a search warrant on the home and found a rifle and shotgun.
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Re: Mohonk Preserve neighbors news - 05/02/14 11:46 AM

In my experience press accounts of police actions are about as reliable as press accounts of climbing accidents.

But if the report is to be believed, the narrative appears to suggest the robot was deployed to establish the exact location of the suspect within the building and secure his arrest without risking further bloodshed. Afterwards, once the coast was clear, the police got a warrant to search for evidence.

Pursuit of a person who is believed to be armed and dangerous is a well established "exigent circumstance" that justifies police entry into a home without a warrant.