Software for Guide Service

Posted by: gunksman

Software for Guide Service - 10/20/05 11:14 PM

Didn't quite know where to shoehorn this one in!

I'm tired of cramming info for 10 guides into iCal. Can anyone recommend a program for scheduling that would fit a guide service? I'm looking and not finding anything that isn't a semi-custom-many-thousands-of-dollars behemoth. Events need to list the guides, clients, pricing, notes and location. We're Mac people and I do at least half of the scheduling, follow-up and such using my Palm and cell phone, so syncing is key.

Perhaps there's a climber-type out there willing & able to put together a snazzy little excel app for us?

Anyone with the skills and inclination can e-mail -

Posted by: Tai

Re: Software for Guide Service - 10/21/05 03:15 AM

You've got mail.