Alien "recall"

Posted by: d-elvis

Alien "recall" - 01/24/06 02:26 PM

What is everyone doing with their affected aliens?

- sending them to CCH?
- taking them to the retailer?
- taking a wait and see attitude?
- nothing?
- none of the above?

BTW, my gold alien, purchased at R&S in 2005 has the dimple
Posted by: dalguard

Re: Alien "recall" - 01/24/06 02:45 PM

I plan to take mine to R&S. I have more faith in them than in CCH. If CCH goes under without replacing the units, R&S may make the effort to give people a credit or something. At least I can imagine that units returned by vendors will get a priority.
Posted by: CrackBoy

Re: Alien "recall" - 01/24/06 05:38 PM

I had a grey alien that had a dimple that i got as a wedding present. I took it back to REI and told them there was a recall, though they didn't have any official notice of it. they just did it as a return so i got store credit. so if they ever get new aliens again i can use the credit, if not i can use it on something else. I doubt i would send it to CCH.

Posted by: GymClimbingPoser

Re: Alien "recall" - 01/24/06 06:00 PM

Hmmmm, wonder if REI will put it back on sale at their "scratch and dent" clearance.
Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: Alien "recall" - 01/24/06 06:24 PM


Hmmmm, wonder if REI will put it back on sale at their "scratch and dent" clearance.

Just stay away from the "scratch and dimple" items.
Posted by: chazman

Re: Alien "recall" - 01/24/06 06:28 PM


Hmmmm, wonder if REI will put it back on sale at their "scratch and dent" clearance.

I have never purchased an Alien but I have purchased climbing gear from REI over the years. I guess that was enough to flag me as a potential purchaser of Aliens and they sent me a recall notice. THAT is smart business! I wonder if CCH is footing the bill for this effort or REI is taking it on themselves?
Posted by: learningtolead

Re: Alien "recall" - 02/01/06 01:17 AM

Eastern Mountain Sports sent me a notice about the recall. Even though I had not bought any aliens from them, the notice said they would give a full refund for them. I tried it and they gave me cash for 4 aliens, no questions asked. that was so much better than sending brand new cams into the void that cch seems to be!

Thanks EMS.
Posted by: irisharehere

Re: Alien "recall" - 02/01/06 01:44 AM

According to a few folks on that other site ( CCH have really gotten their act together as regards replaing the defective cams - people mentioned getting replacements in ~10 days or so.

Posted by: greyalien

Re: Alien "recall" - 03/06/06 08:31 PM

Out of my ~ dozen aliens I only had one with a dimple, the gold alien I got from rock and snow over the summer. I sent it back to cch almost 2 weeks ago and havent gotten one back. Hopefully theyll get new ones back to everyone, since a bunch of "oh no cch lost my cam" talk is probably the last thing they want to hear on the internet (other than a new cam failure). -ws