5-10 sells

Posted by: crimpy

5-10 sells - 11/05/11 10:25 PM

Posted by: oenophore

Re: 5-10 sells - 11/05/11 11:49 PM

do you suppose Adidas got its money's worth?

(So Crimpy; you prefer a cowardly lion to a dog.)
Posted by: crimpy

Re: 5-10 sells - 11/06/11 02:27 AM

Please lets keep this about climbing, not Terrie.
My initial thoughts on Five Ten was the price seemed kind of low, ultimately it depresses me but I understand. Lots of strong climbers in germany too, it will be interesting to see what the European influence will be.
Posted by: chip

Re: 5-10 sells - 11/07/11 02:55 PM

While 5-10 have always fit me well, the quality control is legendary for inconsistency. Hopefully the euro influence will improve the QC.
Posted by: crimpy

Re: 5-10 sells - 11/13/11 05:03 AM

Guess we got allot of sportiva heads out there, gunks and all!
not to mention no mention of any occupy movements on this site, oops!