Lost: Green C4 Camalot

Posted by: kmc2

Lost: Green C4 Camalot - 05/19/12 01:10 PM

At the end of the day yesterday, 5/18, I realized I was missing my green C4 BD Camalot. I tried to retrace my steps, and think through where it could have been, the best I can come up with was that it was most likely left by a partner on Drunkards Delight after the roof. I ran up Sixish in an attempt to lean over and locate it, but think it was gone by the time I went back for it.

I suppose that if gear is left behind like this, it is pretty much up for grabs, but if you happened to have found it, and are willing to get it back to its original owner, I would greatly appreciate it. I can be contacted on this site.