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from the us forest service. keep on sending e-mails, letters and faxes to these folks.

rock on.

Thank you for your message regarding rock climbing.

The New York-New Jersey Highlands Regional Study: 2002 Update, which can be
accessed at the Highlands web-site below my signature block, does contain
references to recreation. Indeed, recreation is one of the five resource
categories covered by the study and mentioned in the Highlands Conservation
Act, PL 108-421, which enlarged the Highlands to include parts of
Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

You will notice, if you read the relevant section of the study, that it
emphasizes areal and linear measures of recreational resources, and makes
little mention of specific places; this is, perhaps, a consequence of
covering a 1.5 million acre region.

As we continue the work of updating the study to include Pennsylvania and
Connecticut, we shall strive to include climbing sites, places of special
geological interest, and other places.

I am grateful for your comments, and hope you and your fellow climbers will
tell us of particular places or formations in all four states that merit

Edward Boyer ASLA
highlands coordinator

USDA Forest Service
Grey Towers
PO Box 188
Milford, Pennsylvania

(570) 296-9625
fax (570) 296-9675

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