Ireland Climbing

Posted by: Frank Florence

Ireland Climbing - 02/17/01 05:27 PM

I will be in Ireland for a few weeks in July, This will be my first visit to the country and while this won't be a climbing trip per se, I expect to get a day in here and there. Has anyone had any experience with the crags there? Personal recommendations?

Most of the time I'll be on the west side of the country and would be especially interested in hearing anything about routes in the Burren or up in Donegal.

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Re: Ireland Climbing - 02/21/01 09:54 AM

I've not climbed there myself but you may find something at

Posted by: JayCloidt

Re: Ireland Climbing - 02/22/01 11:00 PM has crag guides, weather reports, gym lists and a lot of other useful info for climbing in Ireland. There is also references for grading systems (they use the English system which is completely different from anything else)

It's a very useful site.

- Jay

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Re: Ireland Climbing - 03/13/01 02:21 AM

Another useful site is the Cordee site. They sell climbing guides for the British Isles.

Good luck!

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Re: Ireland Climbing - 03/30/01 11:42 PM


By now you have checked out the sites on the internet.

I have done some climbing in Ireland but different county than where you mentioned. I climbed in County Kerry at the Gap of Dunloe near Killarney. Wonderful friction texture to this sandstone rock climbing.

If you happen to get to Killarney, it might be worth a twenty minute detour to the Gap. If you do, just ask the bartender at Kate Kearney's Cottage for the house copy of the area climbing guide. And don't forget to order a pint of Guinness. Even if you hate the import, it's likely you'll fall in love with the real thing.

Also Carrantuohil ( Irelands highest point) can be a fun non-technical day.

Last note is to bring bug lotion or whatever to combat the local flying scourge: the midges. They are vicious.

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Re: Ireland Climbing - 04/02/01 05:28 PM

I don't know what it is like in Ireland right now but I was just told that in Wales the country side is closed to all travel because of hoof and mouth. So no climbing going on there right now.

Posted by: Frank Florence

Re: Ireland Climbing - 04/06/01 12:01 AM

I've recently been in contact with some hiking/scrambling folks in Ireland. They're also honoring a voluntary moratorium on back-country trips because it's virtually impossible to get to any crag or summit knob without walking across agricultural land. The concern over H&M disease is still very high and, in all likelihood, will remain so through the spring.