Land acquired in the dacks

Posted by: Elwood54

Land acquired in the dacks - 09/19/08 08:36 PM

Will this open any new cliffs to the public?

NYTimes article on Dacks
Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: Land acquired in the dacks - 09/20/08 01:53 AM

Not likely.

And I don't think the Follensby Pond parcel is "southwest of Lake Placid" as the NYT article states, but rather east of Tupper Lake, in a region the Adirondack Council described as "flood plain".

But a similar land acquisition by The Nature Conservancy near Indian Lake is reportedly very close to closure, and the land does indeed contain some climbing opportunities. I'll see if I can find the link to that news.
Posted by: fallenglass

Re: Land acquired in the dacks - 09/28/08 11:43 PM

follensby pond is near (and connected i think) to a really cool section of the raquette river. i'd like to take the detour into the pond someday.

follensby clear pond (different from regular old follensby pond), is also a really fun place to paddle a canoe - it's up near rollins pond. Access is easy and is connected to a mess of other lakes with very short portages.