Tennessee climbing

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Tennessee climbing - 01/06/00 05:37 AM

does anybody know of any good bouldering or sport climbing areas in Tennessee??

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Re: Tennessee climbing - 01/06/00 03:50 PM

if you climbed trad, you wouldn't be asking that question.

maybe you should stay home next week and work, then i can go ice climbing

Posted by: mummert

Re: Tennessee climbing - 01/06/00 04:46 PM

Foster Falls (outside Chattanooga) and the Obed are two sport climbing areas in Tennessee. There is also bouldering in both those areas, though access was a problem at one of the bouldering areas in Chattanooga -- don't know if it's been resolved.

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Re: Tennessee climbing - 01/17/00 03:12 PM

Funny you should ask. I just got back from climbing down there. It's an absolute climbing mecca in Tenn. Go buy the Dixie Cragger's Atlas and see for yourself. Imagine driving around and seeing Gunks-like escarpments everywhere you turn your head. Bring a rack though. It would be sad for a gunks climber to go sport climbing in an area such as Tenn. that is steeped in trad ethics.