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Posted by: Rob

New PA Guidebook - 05/18/11 10:51 PM

The new 496 page statewide climbing and bouldering guidebook is now in print for Pennsylvania. It includes 50 areas in the Keystone state.
Just wanted to get the word out.
Available at
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Re: New PA Guidebook - 05/18/11 11:16 PM

From the website cited above:

The PA climbing guidebook is he first book to document statewide climbing history for a state that has little documented information until now. The book is over 500 pages, making it the largest statewide guidebook in print.

It's remarkable that Pa. has gone from obscurity to record-breaking elucidation climbwise by just one book. Who woulda thunk it?
(But doesn't this thread belong in the Books forum?)
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Re: New PA Guidebook - 05/23/11 04:09 PM

I purchased the e-version of the eastern PA section and i was disappointed with it and wont be buying the full version.

i purchased the eastern part of the book basically for 2 crags: PA side of the water gap and ralph stover state park.

i will say that the mt minsi section is great and so far those are the only pages of the book that i have printed out and used.

the ralph stover sp section is the part of the guidebook that is most disappointing for me. the author mentions "Well over 100 routes, not including routes at nearby crags that are part of the same ridge, with grades ranging from 5.0 to 5.12d" for this area but only puts 20 in the book and lists 2 other (out of print) guidebooks that you should purchase if you want to know what the rest of the routes at the cliff are like.

i dont see the point in only mentioning less than 1/4 of the routes in an area. makes me wonder what else is missing from this guide book. so much for the "first comprehensive guidebook for Pennsylvania"

Edit: The falcon guide Rock Climbing New Jersey has more routes listed for stover than the PA guide does and Mountain Project has double the amount of route info on stover for free.
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Re: New PA Guidebook - 05/23/11 08:06 PM

think of it as a public service - not including too much info about stover. a guidebook author should help nudge you in the direction of good climbing, not choss. friends dont let friends climb at stover.
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Re: New PA Guidebook - 05/24/11 02:14 PM

Amen, Schwortz!
Many years ago, on my first trip there, I had a huge and crucial jug pop off and I went with it. It very nearly hit some folk down below, which really bothered me more than my own potential injury. Last time I would ever lead there and I now see no sense at all to climbing at Stover when a couple more hours of driving gets me to much better rock.
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Re: New PA Guidebook - 06/15/11 09:47 PM

Thanks for getting the online book and sorry it doesn't have all of Stover. The book is near 500 pages and I just had to leave stuff out. I tried to focus on high-quality areas so I ended up putting emphasizes on a lot of other Eastern PA areas like Mocanaqua and other spots and just classics at places like Stover. I do have the most routes on the PA side of the Gap in a guide but again had to leave out a some of NJ due to size constraints with the book. I may try to expand the content I had to leave out to the E-version in an update. If I do I will be sure to provide it to anyone who purchased the E version.
Thanks again and sorry about Stover.
Rob H
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Re: New PA Guidebook - 06/16/11 07:53 AM

Is haycock in there?
Posted by: pauln

Re: New PA Guidebook - 06/18/11 04:04 AM

I think the new PA book is an excellent resource but am glad Rob respected that detailed guidebooks to Ralph Stover already exist. For example, here is the latest guidebook edition to Ralph Stover published about the same time as the PA book.

Link: Climb High Rocks State Park
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Re: New PA Guidebook - 06/20/11 02:14 AM

Sweet, can't wait to get my hands on it. As far as stover goes, no guide is any good, as the routes change just about every year (think red shale = broken crayons) ;~)

How I learned to trad lead at that place and live to tell is beyond me.
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Re: New PA Guidebook - 06/20/11 02:17 AM

Originally Posted By: pauln

Nice, and you can tell its an updated copy with the cover photo showing the missing 3'x 15' of the Tango roof... haha..
Posted by: Rob

Re: New PA Guidebook - 06/20/11 11:36 PM

Nice job Paul. The Stover book looks great. There is a definite need for a complete Stover book and as Smike mentioned there are many new routes there going up so it's good to see something specifically focusing on the area.

Yes, Haycock is included in the PA guide.

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Re: New PA Guidebook - 06/22/12 06:41 PM

The descriptions and editorial should be taken with a grain of salt...
Posted by: donald perry

Re: New PA Guidebook - 06/24/12 12:26 PM

Only one side of the Gap? You got to be kidding. I can see if NJ and PA were at war and you needed a visa, but it only on the other side of the river! So now you need two gides, one for the north side and one for the south side? Wow.