"Library" at Moc

Posted by: d-elvis

"Library" at Moc - 03/06/02 05:29 PM

Need some detailed route beta
Can PM me.


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Re: "Library" at Moc - 03/08/02 07:53 AM

I bet you would. The lost city of Pa =+)
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Re: "Library" at Moc - 03/08/02 12:43 PM

Give 'Top of the Slope' in Wilkes Barre a call at (570) 822-6627 or stop by the store at 100 Main Street. Ask for either of the Dave's -- they'll give you the low down on the Library. Also, these guys are both AMGA-certified guides as well; if you know of any less-experienced partners that want personal one-on-one training, these guys can do it well for less money than we typically find in our neck of the woods. I took some personalized anchors and leading classes from them for $150.00 or so a day about a year ago.
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Re: "Library" at Moc - 03/08/02 09:32 PM

We are currently working on a guide book for most of the climbs in northeast pa the library included. check TOP OF THE SLOPE (5708226627) for details or for the beta on the library and the surrounding areas.
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Re: "Library" at Moc - 03/10/02 03:19 PM

if you know marty (the guide at the gunks) he's got a lot of beta...and was writing a guide to the area. If the questions are simple i may be able to recall some of the beta.

$20 says you leave the best areas out of your guide.
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Re: "Library" at Moc - 03/11/02 10:42 PM

I know Rob Holzman is working on a Pa giude that will completely cover this area as well surrounding bouldering areas. Plus some previously undocumented areas. I think that he is almost done with it. Hope this is more helpfull that my first response.
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Re: "Library" at Moc - 03/12/02 04:00 PM

thats right, i forgot about rob's book. that guy knows a lot of cool places... it should be good.
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Re: "Library" at Moc - 03/12/02 04:59 PM

Where would I find this one called "Rob"???
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Re: "Library" at Moc - 03/13/02 02:35 PM

i think he posted some pic of bouldering at one of the PA resivors at NEB.com they might have his email in the photo gallery by the pic or you might put a post up ATTN: rob holtzman. if he dosn't give up the information.... add beer accordingly.
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Re: "Library" at Moc - 03/14/02 07:44 PM

I have the topo for the library. Email me and I will send it to you.