j-tree and south west climbing partner

Posted by: Anonymous

j-tree and south west climbing partner - 03/12/02 04:01 AM

hey folks, i'm new to this whole posting thing, so if i screw up, please cut me some slack. so, i'm thnkining of doing a road trip out west, starting in a week or two at seneca and new river for a week, and then heading out to j-tree for a month or two.. as you can see, it's up in the air as of now. so, if you're going to be in the area (out west), and looking for a partner, i'm you're man. or, if you've got some info or suggestions of where to go, i'm game for that too. i climb around 5.9-10 on top rope, and have followed only a few times (5.7), but am eager to learn, got a rope and some basic gear, but no pro. so, screw your job and responsibilities, and drive out west with me, i should be back in jersey around mid may......ryan