Delaware Water Gap

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Delaware Water Gap - 01/15/00 03:26 AM

"Rock Climbing New Jersey" is in it's final stages and should be out in June. It will provide complete coverage of the Gap. I'd love to hear about people's experiences on Gap routes, what they thought the ratings were (difficulty & gear), or anything else. There is still time to make adjustments to the book.

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Re: Delaware Water Gap - 01/15/00 02:18 PM

I've only been there once (PA side). I would love to see better gear and quality ratings in the book. The first climb that we did was Teardrop Buttress, 5.3. Near the top, the huge block that I was standing on vibrated. It scared the hell out of me and ruined me for leading anything harder that day. I was already apprehensive about climbing there after hearing about the rotten rock and recent fatality involving rockfall. I'd like to give the place another chance, but it would be nice to have more information.

Thanks in advance for your work on the project.

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Re: Delaware Water Gap - 01/16/00 04:05 PM