Castle Rock

Posted by: Gymrat

Castle Rock - 07/07/02 01:06 AM

Does anyone have any info on Castle Rock bouldering (guides, classics, etc.) or any info on travel to the area (camping and regulations, hotels, places to eat, and things to do in Santa Cruz). Thanks ahead for the help.
Posted by: Charlie

Re: Castle Rock - 07/07/02 06:54 PM

You can find directions to the Castle Rock area and topos for the routes in Bruce Morris, "Rock Climber's Guide to Skyline Boulevard" pp. 49-54; and JimThornburg, "Bay Area Rock" pp. 32-38. They're small and inexpensive guides. I like Morris better but Thornburg just came out with a new edition within the last year or two (I have the old one, 1992). Santa Cruz has great surfing - Steamer's Lane (I think the main area is called) but you can get lessons on a gumbie beach as well; there's a pier with lots of restaurants and an amusement park on the beach. You can swim there as well - nice beach with life guards, lots of volley ball courts on the beach. There are loads of motels in the area, and I am sure you can find a camping area around Santa Cruz if that's what you're looking for.
Have fun.
Posted by: tico

Re: Castle Rock - 07/08/02 02:52 AM has a lil' guide. I highly recommend the sharma traverse. i like it because it's a soft V8, so it was my first V8. I don't know if it's in that guide though. It's a pretty popular area, so you'll find lots of fly dhudes and good looking women to climb with.

Also, if you're in Santa Cruz, you should be surfing. The waves down there are almost as good as the ones up here in yakutat, only it's a little rockier. And if you can get a car for god's sake get to the Valley.