Grivel Light Machines

Posted by: Aya

Grivel Light Machines - 02/25/07 07:00 PM

I'm selling my Grivel Light Machines because I bought new, leashless tools this season and I'm moving and I don't have space and whatever other reason. They've been used for 3 seasons (including this one). I put about 7 climbing days on them the first season, 10 the second, and about 15 this year. They're in absolutely fine shape, just the normal dings and scratches you'd expect for having been used.

I added a pair of the horns (about $17 each) to the bottoms last year which require me to cut away the grip that was already there (ie you can't take them back off), and on one of the tools I cut away just slightly too much of the rubber grip so that there is a little sliver of exposed shaft between the horn and the rubber grip. This in absolutely no way compromises anything besides aesthetics.

The picks (Cascade - $45) are pretty much new; one has been climbed on about 5 days and the other 3. I have a pair of grivel Free leashes (about $25 each - like the BD lockdown leashes) to go with them, but one of the tools is set up with a BD android leash I got a couple of months ago ($40). I'll give you the old picks that I keep around for messing around on rock, too, if you want them. I've got the hex wrenches for the heads if you need them.

They're really great tools with a lot of clearance for bulges and stuff. Holding them up to the quarks, the final geometry seems to be essentially the same, i.e. the tips of the picks end up pretty much in the same place, although the bend in the shaft is in a slightly different place. The swing is different, although similar in that it's more of a wrist flick than a bash. The grips are small and the tools are really light so they're good for people with smaller hands who prefer a lighter tool. The Cascade picks stick like nobody's business, and so long as you keep them tuned up (I can show you what I've done to them), they come out fine, too.

Looking for $175 for the pair (that's pretty much what I've invested in leashes, picks, horns and whatnot that you could even use on other grivel tools...) so shoot me an email at if you are interested