Portable Climbing Wall For Sale

Posted by: Tuthilltown

Portable Climbing Wall For Sale - 08/15/12 04:25 PM

Portable climbing wall, 24' tall, three climbing stations, no auto belay, on trailer with hydraulic lifting mechanism, extra holds, control mechanism, spare wheel/tire. Fully adjustable harnesses accommodate children to large adult.

This was built by SOLID ROCK and is ten years old. In good shape but needs some work on electrical system.

Perfect for use as rental for events, parties, kids events, fairs. Typical rental cost to customer $1500 for six hour day. Staffing ranges from one to four people depending on the size of the group to be accommodated.

Located in Gardiner, just off Route 208 now, can be viewed. Price new was $35,000. Asking $5,000 now, as is.

Ralph Erenzo: 845.797.9010, Ralph@tuthilltown.com