Cleaning Out Closet

Posted by: paborden

Cleaning Out Closet - 11/26/12 09:09 PM

Lots of misc clothing and gear for sale. I have pictures of all of these, so feel free to ask questions / make an offer.

Oh, and best to email me at if you're interested in any of this stuff:

* EML Long Sleeved Black Puffy (Size L) (Like the patagonia down sweater) $70
* Patagonia DAS Parka, Size L, Blue $100
* Patagonia L Blue Shell $100
* Patagonia Blue Synthetic Puffball Vest, Size L $40
* Cloudveil XL Black Fleece Pants $25
* Patagonia R1 in Olive Green, L $25
* Patagonia L Silk Weight Long Sleeved Capilene in Green Stripes $15

* Rock Exotica Silent Partner $175
* Yates Rocker $80
* MSR Dragonfly $80
* MSR Pocket Rocket $25