Looking for a PickUp/Camper

Posted by: TerrieM

Looking for a PickUp/Camper - 10/04/10 07:36 PM

Just as the Title says: I plan to head west for the winter, and am on the lookout for a(cheeeeappppp) rig. What I would like:

- Toyota Pickup with 3/4 ton bed, 4WD, 5 speed manual(or 1/2 ton IF I can find a small enough camper to put atop it).

- Slide-In camper. The type that sits on the bed of a pickup, with the sleeping space above the cab. Strongly Desired: working propane fridge. NOT Desired: toilet/bathroom(waste of space, in my opinion, and a PITA with the waste water).

I am talking OLD for the camper. Sure, I would like it to not have bad leaks, or other serious problems, but I am a begger and not a chooser. So if anyone knows anyone with an old camper.... I may be interested.

I am also talking OLD for the pickup. And though I do wish for a Toy, I understand my wishful thinking may be asking too much, in consideration of what the market will bear and what my budget will handle.
Posted by: TerrieM

Re: Looking for a PickUp/Camper - 10/12/10 04:55 PM

...Change of plans. I talked to some people who explained the cons of having a camper and trying to live a nomadic lifestyle(I already knew the pros, and that was why I wanted that set-up....). But, they are right and so the new plan is:

- A cargo van - cheap.

I would like to have back windows instead of the full-on closed set-up, but will look at either.

So - that's that. I'll also be looking to have someone help me with modifying for living:
- floor panel and sidewall insulation
-bed platform/storage system under
- side wall storage system
- adding a holding space for 20lb propane tank outside

Those mods will be done on the cheap. I'm not looking for custom cabinetry, but will want a sort of counter top that I can use for tabletop/workspace, with room for plastic bin "organization" instead of cupboards. I will want room for:
- a cooler or fridge(if I can find one cheap enough)
- stove(Coleman-type 2-burner) when not in use(yes, I know you cannot cook inside without proper ventilation)
- a couple bins for kitchen crap storage and other household stuff

- clothing, camping and climbing gear will be stored under the bed platform