Tokyo Bill

Posted by: AOR

Tokyo Bill - 03/11/11 12:51 PM

My prayers are with you and yours...Godspeed and may you all stay and be safe.
Posted by: oenophore

Re: Tokyo Bill - 03/11/11 01:12 PM

We all hope you and your family are unharmed.
Posted by: alicex4

Re: Tokyo Bill - 03/11/11 03:15 PM

Thoughts for your safety Bill. All our colleagues in Tokyo reported they are ok. Not much damage to the office. Sendai is far worse unfortunately.
Posted by: chip

Re: Tokyo Bill - 03/11/11 06:27 PM

Hope all is well and you got to high ground.
Posted by: Julie

Re: Tokyo Bill - 03/11/11 06:57 PM

Just noticed this on the front page of

"I was swimming my afternoon laps in the pool ... My fellow swimmers and I were sloshed around like rubber duckies in a bathtub. Incredible.
Tokyo Bill, Tokyo"

Posted by: chip

Re: Tokyo Bill - 03/12/11 01:57 PM

Good eye there, Julie.
Posted by: tokyo bill

Re: Tokyo Bill - 05/17/11 05:15 AM

Whoa - first time on here in ages, and Julie wins the keen eye award. That was me all right.

My family and I are fine, although life in Japan has been a bit "interesting" in the wake of the disaster. A lot of items were gone from the store shelves, and some still are not back in previous volume. (Yogurt is one of those, for some unknown reason.)

I am climbing as usual, and enjoying wonderful cost savings in headlamp batteries, owing to the fact that I now glow in the dark...

Thanks all for your thoughts.
Posted by: chip

Re: Tokyo Bill - 05/18/11 03:42 PM

Great news! Nice, even the glowing has a silver lining.