5.8 Earthquake!

Posted by: chip

5.8 Earthquake! - 08/23/11 06:12 PM

Hope there is no significant damage nor injuries. Needless to say, test all holds carefully for a while. Otherwise, it was by far the strongest one I have felt in the mid-Atlantic area.
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Re: 5.8 Earthquake! - 08/23/11 06:20 PM

felt it and saw it also!

Posted by: charliebutters

Re: 5.8 Earthquake! - 08/23/11 06:22 PM

ditto for accord.....freaky!!!
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Re: 5.8 Earthquake! - 08/23/11 06:25 PM

5.8 hit in virginia!
Posted by: TerrieM

Re: 5.8 Earthquake! - 08/23/11 06:26 PM

The earth didn't move for me... at the MP Visitor Center.

What happened? I have been in one eq in Taipei once - what a strange sensation that was!
Posted by: talus

Re: 5.8 Earthquake! - 08/23/11 07:18 PM

Tsunami warning on Lake monhonk and lake Awosting
Posted by: Rickster

Re: 5.8 Earthquake! - 08/23/11 07:37 PM

Like grading climbs. CNN has it at 5.9. Felt it here in Pine Bush. My brother on the 20 th floor of his office building in NYC felt it, everyone got real nervous real fast.
Posted by: Lucander

Re: 5.8 Earthquake! - 08/24/11 02:04 AM

I was at the crag today, didn't feel any jolts. My partner said the only think shaking was me on Simple Suff.

Posted by: RangerRob

Re: 5.8 Earthquake! - 08/24/11 10:02 AM

The Earth shakes everywhere I go, so I guess I am used to it.
Posted by: phlan

Re: 5.8 Earthquake! - 08/24/11 01:11 PM

a lot of people didn't feel it. guess I feel kinda "lucky" I did - in a fairly big cinderblock factory building in Danbury and the whole building just sort of rolled as if we were on a ship. not shaking, just rolling for maybe a minute. definitely very weird and spooky but also very cool at the same time!. everyone said "what the *#&$*# was that? and a few people incl. me said Yeah, that was an Earthquake!
Posted by: oenophore

Re: 5.8 Earthquake! - 08/24/11 04:00 PM

Like grading climbs. CNN has it at 5.9.

It was reported as 5.8, revised to 5.9 then re-revised to 5.8
Perhaps it really was 5.8+ or 5.9-.
Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: 5.8 Earthquake! - 08/25/11 01:36 PM

I was sitting high up on temporary bleachers, and they swayed side to side. We thought some kids were rocking them back and forth from underneath. (This was in New Haven CT) The folks seated high in the (large - seats several thousand - concrete) tennis stadium really felt it. Many left their seats and ran to the stairs.
Posted by: Jannette

Re: 5.8 Earthquake! - 08/26/11 02:42 AM

I was up in NH at Rumney during the earthquake. Didn't feel anything, but it was appropriate that we were climbing the route "Jolt" at the time.

Posted by: oenophore

5.6 Earthquake! - 11/07/11 11:58 AM

An Oklahoma earthquake seems hardly worth mentioning here.
Posted by: faverric

Re: 5.8 Earthquake! - 12/20/11 05:20 AM

cry cry Do not understand.