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Apps! - 12/10/11 04:42 PM

I just got an iphone 4s (and, enjoying it!) and have been perusing alot of the available apps. So, that got me to thinking which apps the'rs like the most?
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Re: Apps! - 12/10/11 04:55 PM

What's an app?
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Re: Apps! - 12/10/11 04:57 PM

Hmm, is there an app that makes the phone invisible to interrogators when not in use?
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Re: Apps! - 12/10/11 05:35 PM

Originally Posted By: oenophore
Hmm, is there an app that makes the phone invisible to interrogators when not in use?

"If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college"
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Re: Apps! - 12/11/11 12:15 AM

While doing trailwork this season, we were glad that DW had some weather app on his iphone. On days when the precip was forecast for later in day we could bring up the radar and see just where it was.

The first time....he didn't quite understand how to read it, and told us clear sailing, only to find our trailwork boat capsized in a storm half an hour later...but that was not the Apps fault!
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Re: Apps! - 12/12/11 01:18 AM

Netflix - to watch movies while on the stationary bike
Kindle - can read books on the go - free app for PC's too
Google Search - voice activated - cool
Flashlight - a cool toy that transforms the phone into a flashlight - was very handy in the last half a dozen power failures to help locate the headlamp.
Peakfinder - point at any hill or mountain and it identifies the peak
Guide for iPhone called Tips & Tricks with a B&W Einstein cover - was able to alter enough settings that I didn't need to charge my phone every day, but every 3-4 days.
And about 20 others I won't bother to share... you'll find your own.
Make sure you also use iCloud.
P.S. To any iPhone G4 users - beware if you upgrade to IOS 5 - I had some issues (like many others I later found out) that might not be worth the while...
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Re: Apps! - 12/12/11 03:25 PM

Pandora, so I can drown out this sickening Christmas music in the office with some Raggae or Keller Williams, or Bluegrass, or antyhing besides CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! AHHHH!! KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL!!!!
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Re: Apps! - 12/12/11 04:18 PM

I am a Droid, but these are probably available on iPhone:

--Touch Calendar (Oliver Lan). You can look at a whole month at once, and zoom in/out with the pinch thing, and use different font colors for different types of appts.

--Chicktionary. I also like MathDoku because I am a geek.

--Instant Heartrate - does a decent job! and StopWatch.

--Droid Light (likely similar on iphone) - turns on the camera's flash to use as a flashlight.

--google sky map
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In my prior post here, I suggested an invisibility app. This may be achieved, of course, simply by disconnecting the battery. A cute app might give a selected false location.
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Re: Apps! - 12/12/11 06:01 PM - worth the 5 bucks 10 times over.

definitely pandora too
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Re: Apps! - 12/12/11 07:15 PM

From that first link above:

Download your local areas, trip destinations, or all 75,000+ routes

Is every *&^%$#$ route in the world available on an iPhone? Were we all born too soon?
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Re: Apps! - 12/13/11 09:00 PM

the one that I appreciated, we were at Rumney this summer, and Jannette who was with us has all the imaginable electronic bells and whistles (aka: apps.) so there was a thunderstorm kinda forecast but we were climbing, then hanging around by the crag so she whips out her Iphone and can see the storm approaching on the weathermap just as we can hear the first thunderboomers!! that's when we hightailed it for the car.
Oh wait, we probably would have done that without the Iphone just the same, lol!
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Re: Apps! - 12/14/11 04:58 PM

LOL.....yep we need iphones to tell us we're about to get hit by lightning. I'm being slightly snarky, Smike and I have used that app for everything from roofing my house to driving through crappy weather, to bailing of routes.
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Re: Apps! - 12/14/11 07:58 PM

Mapquest - free turn by turn navigation
Accuweather, The Weather Channel - just to get a consensus
Facebook, G+, foursquare, LinkedIn, Groupon, LivingSocial, RueLaLa
OpenTable - look for openings and make reservations
Menu Pages - look up menus
How to Cook Everything, Epicurious, Allrecipes - recipes!
GasBuddy - running low on gas, where's the nearest/cheapest one?
IMDB - hey, who's that actor? What else whas he in? It was... shoot, it was a few years ago, with Kevin Bacon...
Shazam, Soundhound - What's that song that's playing?
Bookworm, Words w/ Friends, Drop7, Jumbline - various games
Frotz, Rogue - old school games!
Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope - popular games that got boring after a month
BBC news, CBS Sunday, NPR News, PBS
SteepAndCheap, DealNews - watch deals
Photosynth - live photo stitcher from Microsoft
Dragon Dictation - cool dictation app
AllTrails - interesting trail locator, haven't really used it
TNF Trailhead - ditto
Avenza PDF Map - download free USGS maps in PDF and import into Avenza. Pretty cool, but the maps take up a *LOT* of space.

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Hmmm. Best apps huh? Well, chicken satay is good, and a little spinach artichoke dip is good for sharing. Perhaps some crab cakes?
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