Adirondack Trips

Posted by: tozo

Adirondack Trips - 07/16/10 11:32 AM

Hey friends
I've posted a few trip reports on my website of adventures we've had up north.

Something Wicked, Avalanche Lake

Panther Gorge
Posted by: chip

Re: Adirondack Trips - 07/16/10 03:55 PM

Awesome. Good on ya both!
Posted by: rg@ofmc

Re: Adirondack Trips - 07/16/10 04:47 PM

Panther Gorge is named that because it swallows parties whole. All that is ever found are the skeletons of hikers suspended in the heavy brush they couldn't penetrate or retreat from. You guys are hard core.
Posted by: cfrac

Re: Adirondack Trips - 07/16/10 07:25 PM

2 great Trip Reports! Thanks for sharing! Really impressive work especially all that bullshit bushwacking!!!!
Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: Adirondack Trips - 07/16/10 09:25 PM

Chris F. can comment further, but I wouldn't be surprised if your Panther Gorge route largely followed the line of the winter route "Agartha".

Another climbing venue to explore if you cherish solitude: Silver Lake Mt. The approaches vary from easy to tough.
Posted by: tozo

Re: Adirondack Trips - 07/16/10 09:58 PM

thanks for the positive comments guys, as more adventures unfold I'll try to post them up.
And Mike, I just looked up the Agartha route in the Blue Lines book and I can't tell based upon the description. There was a massive wet gully to our right that I would expect to ice up in the winter. but I doubt I have it in me to hike out there this winter to look....
And I've been thinking about silver lake for sometime now. Hopefully this fall we'll be doing lots of exploring out there...
Posted by: Mike Rawdon

Re: Adirondack Trips - 07/17/10 02:22 AM

Aerial view of PG. Agartha is just right of center.

Posted by: tozo

Re: Adirondack Trips - 07/17/10 11:20 AM

Our route is a different line, of the three long shadows on the cliff we went straight up just just to the left of the right most shadow, and then scrambled up the gully just above that.
Posted by: Adk_Jeff

Re: Adirondack Trips - 09/03/10 01:24 AM

Those are some great photos in those TRs. What kind of camera are you shooting with?
Posted by: tozo

Re: Adirondack Trips - 09/03/10 06:45 PM

thanks, Adk-Jeff
I just use a simple canon powershot a550. best cheap camera i've ever had.
Posted by: Adk_Jeff

Re: Adirondack Trips - 09/04/10 02:11 PM

Thx Tozo, am in the mkt for a new inexpensive camera, see my thread in "Climbing Gear" forum. Will certainly consider your recommendation.

Incidentally I saw in your Panther Gorge TR that you went over Lower Wolf Jaws -- next time you're in that area consider climbing Wolf Jaws via the Benny's Brook slide, a really fun easy slide climb (third class) from Johns Brook that is a great alternative to the trail. Did that route about 2 weeks ago, put a short tr & pics here. I realize you weren't really looking to climb the peak at all...