Manitoulin Island, Ontario

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Manitoulin Island, Ontario - 12/10/11 11:21 PM

So it was my sincere intention to post this trip report as soon as we got back from our trip, but life being as it is got the better of me. Between graduate school and well... graduate school, I have only now found the time to put this together. Below is an excerpt from the three week road trip my recently betrothed and I took through Ontario and Quebec for our honeymoon in August. The majority of it was spent staying in a friend's cabin, on an island in one of Lake Huron's many bays around Manitoulin Island.

The cabin from the island's dock. The island is only about an acre, but on it sits three small cabins.

Our only link to the mainland and climbing was this aluminum pram with 9hp motor.

Cup and Saucer bluffs are the highest point on Manitoulin island proper, jutting out of the Canadian shield like a giant cleft chin. Crystal trying to scare herself.

Interesting shoots and ladders to get to and from the base of the cliffs. The heavy pack will be my burden.

Didn't bring the garden tools.

Finally came across a clean little corner that, according to my rudimentary topo contained several climbs. And lo there was shiny new hardware at the top of each pitch and though we saw no other climbers (just hikers) they must come here at some point. C getting ready for a warmup on the foreign rock.

A fun one pitch lead.

In search of some bouldering we took a 45 minute boat ride into one of the other narrow bays. I should mention however that we attempted to make this journey a couple days earlier only to be turned back by high winds and 3 foot swells (a little much for the 12ft boat and 9hp motor). Even with binoculars, from the cabin window the open part of the bay looked mostly calm. Choosing to forgo a water epic we high-tailed it home.

Eventually we made it and this was the view from the top of Casson peak. Light on bouldering, but heavy vistas.

And thats all folks. Climbing does exist up there if your willing to dig around. Other than that its Native American Indian reservations and fishing villages. Hope you enjoyed. Now.... Ice season if it ever gets cold in New England!
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On my visit to that island I found mosquitoes to be plentiful. Was that the case on yours?
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Thanks. Yet another distination for my list.
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Originally Posted By: oenophore
On my visit to that island I found mosquitoes to be plentiful. Was that the case on yours?

Depends on what you define as plentiful. I imagine around the wetter months of summer, yes, it's bad, but I would say for that time of August it was no worse than where I'm from in southern NH. I only really noticed them in the evenings (though that may be because they enjoy my wife's sweet blood more than mine?). Between bug dope and smokey fires at night we kept them at bay.

Yeah, chip. Def. add it to the list. We would go back in a heart beat. If you like peace and quiet, that's the spot.
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Thanks for posting - I enjoyed the pics, and it looks like a great trip! Congrats, too.
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Thanks! It t'was. smile